Would you like more time in the day?

A common problem among business owners is there’s never enough time in the day. That’s why hiring an expert advertising agency to manage your marketing or event planning is one of the smartest decisions you can make. Although we cannot add hours to your day; we can give you back time to do what you do best while we help grow your business.


How we can help with your Marketing…

Inspired Marketing can be your full service marketing department or your marketing department’s best friend. From a solo project to a full campaign, we provide solutions and marketing expertise to save you money on hiring and training; allowing you to focus on running your business. Inspired Marketing can be your trusted resource for media buying, graphic design, logo creation, digital strategies, social media, copywriting, public relations, and all around creative thinking.


We do Event Planning too…

We specialize in planning one-of-a-kind events for corporate and non-profit clients including community events, fundraisers, team-building, client appreciation parties, festivals, trade shows, and more. We manage all the details behind the scenes to make your event stress-free and spectacular. If you can dream it, we can achieve it!

Many promise, but we deliver!

Outstanding service and amazing results to build your business are the tenets we live by at Inspired Marketing.

Inspired Blog

“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.”

Believe in the Magic of a Christmas Commercial

A snowman reaches for a soup spoon and with one slurp from his bowl of chicken noodle, he melts before your eyes into a smiley freckled adorable little boy. This 1998 Campbell’s Soup commercial splashes across our TV screen every holiday season, and has us all craving...
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A Sprinkle of Strategy this Holiday Season

The turkey has been carved (well almost), the plastic bin of holiday decorations has made its way up the basement stairs, eggnog is your new drink of choice, and retailers around the world are ready to implement their holiday marketing strategy. Thanksgiving means one...
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Refresh, Rebrand, Rethink & Rise above the Rest

The iconic large bright yellow M, the small talking lizard that tends to appear on our TV screen quite frequently, the cute freckled redhead in pig tails that smiles back at us as we drive-by: these are all brands that we recognize. And if McDonald’s, GEICO, and...
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Turning the Hands of Time: A look at Disruption

No one ever said the hands of time could only go backward. Sure, we have to know where we came from to figure out where we’re going, but shouldn’t we also be pushing the envelope; coming up with the next great idea?  Instead of wondering “what happened” wouldn’t it be...
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What is that Guerrilla doing here?

Inspired Marketing has been recommending to clients for years to consider using Guerrilla Marketing strategies as part of their marketing mix.   What is Guerrilla Marketing? According to Google (guer·ril·la mar·ket·ing) is a noun meaning, “innovative,...
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Why Inclusion Marketing Matters

We talk a lot about ‘inclusion marketing’ in our blogs and social media, and the reason is simple: no matter your race, religion, orientation or gender, EVERYONE is a consumer! We all have to shop for food clothes, cars, insurance, etc., and we...
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The Power of Emotional Marketing

by Jill Monson-Bishop, CIO, Chief Inspiration Officer I’ve been in the marketing industry for over 20 years. I’ve learned about every type of marketing strategy -- and tried most of them. And yet I still fall for (I mean, am impressed by) great, gut level marketing. I...
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What You Can Learn From the Fyre Festival Fiasco

The Fyre Festival was promoted as once-in-a-lifetime musical experience on a private, Bahamian island with gourmet food and luxurious, modern accommodations. It was promoted on social media using GenX 'influencers' like model Kendall Jenner. And it became a cautionary...
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“Their attention to detail and execution on our projects has been world class.”

Michael Mathis, MGM Springfield President

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