Have you ever been looking for something – a store, a business, an event – and not being able to find it, cursed the lack of signage?

Recently while doing some errands, I saw a lawn sign advertising an event at a local church. Wanting to attend, I drove to the church, parked, and walked around the building trying every door, looking for The Sign to tell me where to go. No sign helped directed me, and with nobody to ask, I left.

“Why did they invest time and money into lawn signs, then not put signs on the building or doors of the venue?” I wondered. It got me to thinking about the simple things business owners and event planners forget about which are really important to consumers.

According to one study, 35% of people wouldn’t even know a business was at its location unless a sign was displayed. And half of all customers find stores based solely on seeing a sign. 

Not only does good signage help people FIND your business, it makes them feel good about it when they get there.  How?  Having clear, professional looking, easy to read signs to help your clients find where to park, where to enter your business, etc. shows you care about their experience. If they are frustrated or annoyed, they might not return (like me at the church!)

The same goes for Event Planning signage – the right signs can make or break how people perceive your event, and how well it flows. Besides adding to the event theme or ambiance, signage to help direct people where they should enter, register, hang up their coats etc. adds to the perception of a well planned, well thought out event.  In addition, you can increase user participation with hashtags and social media interactions on signs to continue to push more detailed information to users.

Remember the great value in helping people – and your own business or brand – with strong signage for marketing and events. It’s worth the investment.