facebook advertising

While most businesses know they must have a Facebook presence, some are still stuck in a traditional advertising mindset when it comes to publishing content. Business spend lots of energy to push ad after ad, only to be discouraged by their results. What is their biggest mistake?

Stop The Hard Sell

The truth is: the biggest mistake businesses make is they treat their social channels the same way they treat traditional advertising channels. They push sales, offers and discounts through Facebook with the same language and mounds of copy, like an ad in the newspaper or direct mail. When the analytics are reviewed, there is the inevitable disappointment at the poor CTR (click through rate) and the business will exclaim “It didn’t work!”

Successful Social Means… Being Social

Think about your audience: when they go online to social media, they rarely go with the sole intent of purchasing products. They want to catch up with family and friends, read news, get helpful tips, or information about trends and events. They rarely sit down with a credit card in hand and look for ways to spend money.

The key to social media marketing is deceptively simple: it’s not about selling. It’s about telling your business’s story. It’s sharing useful or entertaining content about your business, product or service that is helpful or interesting to consumers. Your content should be something your followers want to share with their circle. (Think about it: when was the last time YOU shared an ad to your circle of friends?)

Shift your perspective from the ‘direct sell’ mindset to the social-sales approach by thinking about your brand’s story. What images come to mind when you think about how people use your product? What is that experience like for your customer? How does that translate into compelling visuals?

Picture a photo of a woman’s hands wrapped around a steaming cup of coffee and in the background is a picture window with a beautiful view. Is this telling the story of how enjoyable her coffee is? Or is the story the view in the background; is she in an exotic location? Or a luxury hotel? Your photos need to draw users in, and answer why the image reflects the experience your product or service provides.

People Purchase Experiences, Not Products

This old saying is truer now than ever: people don’t purchase a product; they purchase the experience that product provides. You’re not just selling a car – you’re selling comfortable, safe and enjoyable transportation to carry a family through many of life’s events.  You’re not just selling a cup of coffee, you’re selling the satisfaction, the enjoyment, the social atmosphere, and the environment.

Facebook makes it easy and affordable to test new images and concepts regularly. Consider a more authentic-social approach in your next campaign… and see how users react!