recruitment radio

Recruiting new talent for your business can seem a bit overwhelming, with so many more options than the old fashioned Sunday paper ‘Help Wanted’ ads. With newspaper readership on the decline and advertising moving to digital formats, how can you stand out from the crowd and recruit the best employees for your business?

We have worked with many of our clients to create recruitment campaigns using non-traditional mediums with outstanding results. One of the most popular and most successful so far has been radio recruiting.

Think nobody listens to the radio anymore? Not true! Many businesses play radio stations in their offices, workshops, waiting rooms, etc. People listen for traffic and weather on their way to and from work. Even if it’s on in the background, people’s ‘selective hearing’ perks up when they hear something interesting that might apply to them or their circle.

Why Radio Recruitment Works

  1. Employed Sector – The best potential employees are currently employed.  Radio hits those candidates that may be unhappy, burnt-out, or ready to make a move.  However, most “currently employed” folks don’t look in the paper or online the same way out-of-work job seekers do.
  2. Word of Mouth – Traditional recruitment (paper,, etc) is personal, but word of mouth advertising works GREAT for recruiting. Listeners will tell a friend or family member about a position that they heard on the radio.  This significantly increases the chances for success vs the traditional print/internet advertisement.
  3. Frequency – Repetition. Repetition. Repetition! That’s the name of the game. Radio delivers your message repeatedly giving it a greater chance for success.
  4. Competitors – On the radio, your competitors are probably not seeking similar positions in the target demographic you have selected, so you get noticed.
  5. Target your Message – radio stations have specific target demographics so your message reaches an appropriate audience for your message.
  6. Geography – Some radio stations can reach from south of Hartford, to the Vermont border, and Sturbridge to the Berkshires.  It’s incredibly cost effective vs purchasing newspaper print ads in all of these markets.

Obviously, social media is now a huge market for recruiting, as well. Nearly 80% of people actively searching for jobs will start online. This article from our friends at MassLive has more great tips for improving your recruiting efforts.

If you need help reaching a specific industry, talk to the marketing experts… we know where to go for on-target recruiting!