Last night, 111.3 million people gathered together to watch New England against Philly in the fifty-second Super Bowl Sunday. As most of you donned your New England gear and cheered on the boys in red, white and blue – a few of us were there for the commercials. I, being one of them.

I can enjoy a good football game don’t get me wrong – and last night was a good one regardless of who won or lost. I can admit, New England couldn’t get out of their own way. That said, Philadelphia deserves the win. They played great!

However, as a creative director, it’s in my nature to pay less attention to the game and more attention to the commercials. Which I have to say, overall fell a little flat last night. Even so, I often imagine the time some of these big brands spent planning and executing these new ads. If these are the ideas that made it to fruition, what possible gold mine ideas got scrapped? We may never know.


Everyone Has a Favorite

This morning, I took a stroll around the office to get some feedback on last night’s commercials. By stroll, I mean eavesdropped. Sorry team.

Here’s what the Inspired Marketing team is saying:


Jill Monson, CIO – Chief Inspiration Officer

Favorite commercial: Dirty Dancing NFL spot featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr.

Quote: “It pains me to say, but my favorite thing about this year’s big game was the Giants.”

From what I’m gathering, Jill – a die-hard New England fan – wasn’t too impressed with this year’s game! We feel you Jill. We feel you.


Nikia Davis, Graphic Designer

Favorite commercial: Danny Devito as an M&M

Quote: “[Giggles] I thought the commercial with Danny Devito was so cute!”

I also heard her utter that she loved Eli Manning when referring to the NFL Dirty Dancing spot and that Amazon’s Alexa made her laugh out loud.


Noelle Myers, Account Manager and Event Specialist

Favorite commercial: Febreze: #BleepDontStink

Quote: “What a creative use of a hashtag! I mean come on! How can you not think that’s funny?”

At first, Noelle also mentioned the Dirty Dancing NFL ad but, the fact that she also likes the #BleepDontStink commercial makes total sense. She’s our jokester here in the office and always has a good one-liner to share.


Kristin Carlson, Digital Marketing Specialist

Favorite commercial: Dirty Dancing NFL spot featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham, Jr.

Quote: “I literally rewound the commercial and watched it like 10 times.”

Ok, I’m beginning to see a pattern here.


Lynn Kennedy, Account Executive

Favorite commercial: Anheuser Bush: “Stand by You”

Quote: “I love spots with meaning that pull at my heartstrings and the Anheuser Bush spot did just that. Although, I will say that I’m a huge fan of Missy Elliot, so the Mountain Dew spot was at the top of my list!”

Who doesn’t like a good emotional message? But I must say out of the two, Morgan Freeman rapping to Missy Elliot was a sight to see.


Lauren “LD” Dunlop, Intern

Favorite commercial: Amazon’s Alexa

Quote:  “I thought the Amazon spot was so funny! Especially the scene with Rebel Wilson in the bathtub!”

Amazon did create a very funny ad implying that Alexa lost her voice. Gordon Ramsay swearing at a 28-year-old asking Alexa how to make a grilled cheese and Cardi B refusing to play country music? Gold.


As for me? Well, besides the tear jerkers, I think I’d have to go with the Kia spot featuring Steven Tyler. I’ve been watching Kia closely over the last several years from the Hamsters to Walken Closet. Personally, I think the brand overall is underappreciated. This year’s Super Bowl commercial is suggesting that the 2018 Kia Stinger is a legend in the making. What’s better than having one of the biggest legends of all time traveling back in time? When a young, 1970’s Steven Tyler stepped out of the car I screamed “YES”! We may not think “Rockstar” when we think Kia, but who doesn’t understand wanting to travel back in time and “feel something again” as Kia suggests in the ad.

I also must add that the T-Mobile “We are Equal” spot was at the top of my list because they played Nirvana’s “All Apologies” in the background. Anyone else notice? However, the brand wasn’t rememberable – in fact I had to Google who’s spot it was after it ran, so to me, that’s a fail. Rock on with the song choice and rendition though!


Social Media Gives Advertisers More Bang for their Buck

The Super Bowl is always a win for big brands. Good or bad, we continue to talk about them for days. As always, they will continue to gain exposure through social media, with additional views at no added cost to the brand. #Win.

If by chance you live under a rock and didn’t catch the game, the continued buzz on social media guarantees you’ll still see these ads. A well-received commercial with a trending hashtag that will remain on social media well after the game, means someone in a marketing agency somewhere is getting a big high-five and a massive raise.


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